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Heating Installation in Morris County NJ | A&H Mechanical Services LLC

In a perfect world, your furnace and boiler would last as long as your home. Sadly, that’s not the case, and many people feel stuck with faulty furnaces that demand endless maintenance. The endless maintenance loop can cost a fortune. Luckily, it’s easy to get out of when you decide it’s time to upgrade to a new heating system.

At A&H Mechanical Services, we use our years of experience to quickly diagnose your heating system and create a plan. Your furnace may be serviceable, but it’s typically time to replace the system if you require service throughout the year. We recommend yearly tune-ups and repairs as needed, but not if your furnace is nearly 15 years old.

Call us at (973)-885-6133 if your heating system is acting up and you don’t know whether it’s repairable. We will use our high-end equipment and skilled crew to diagnose the problem and install a new system if need be. Whether you’re in Boonton, Parsippany, Mountain Lakes, or beyond, we are here for your Morris County, NJ heating installation.

When Is It Time to Get a New Heating System?

Many people understandably want to wait as long as possible to replace their heating system. Because of that, we see many people put up with expensive repairs and poor performance for too long. At A&H Mechanical Services, we can quickly evaluate a heating system’s longevity and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

However, we don’t expect our customers to know this as it’s taken years of work throughout Morris County to accumulate this knowledge. Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that it’s time to install a new heating system that are easy to understand, such as:

  • Your heating system is 10-15 years old or older. Whether it be a furnace, heat pump, or boiler, your heating system is unlikely to last longer than 15-20 years. It may not be worth it to replace the draft inducer motor or circuit board if your furnace is approaching 15 years old. Instead, put that money toward installing a new heating system.  
  • Your furnace runs more often but doesn’t adequately heat your house. Older furnaces typically run more often but without great results. Not only does this increase your bills, but it also stresses the blower motor and wears on the system.
  • Your heating system is stuck in an endless maintenance loop. At A&H Mechanical Services, we frequently service heating systems at least once per year. Standard tune-ups are normal. However, it’s worth it to invest in a new heating installation if you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on maintenance per year.

Keep in mind that each heating system is different, and it may be repairable if you have these problems. That said, it’s time to install a new heating system if the cost of maintenance is no longer worth it. The last thing you want is for your heating system to break entirely during fall or winter in Morris County, NJ.

Morris County NJ Areas We Serve

We are proud to call Morris County, NJ our home, and that’s why we happily service countless homes in the area. Parsippany, Mountain Lakes, and Denville are among the most common Morris County cities we service. We are based in Boonton, NJ, and can quickly reach your home whether you’re in Montville, Parsippany, or beyond.

Tips to Make Sure Your Heating System Stands the Test of Time

You can ensure your heating system lasts up to 15 years or longer if you stay on top of maintenance. It’s important to schedule a yearly tune-up so we can inspect, adjust, and clean your heating system. We can check your furnace’s flame sensor and blower motor for damage and debris that can affect the performance.

Boiler inspections are just as important, and it’s important to check the flues for leaks. The easiest way to make sure your furnace lasts a long time is to change the filter every 30-90 days. Otherwise, the filter will become clogged, and air will struggle to move through it.

Not only will your furnace perform poorly, but this will also strain the system as it must work harder. We also recommend that you turn your thermostat down before you leave the house, so you don’t overwork your furnace. This will save you money on your bills and reduce the stress on your furnace.

Why Choose Our Technicians for Your Heating Installation?

Our years of experience, knowledge, and premium equipment make us the right choice for your heating installation in Morris County. We approach each heating installation as if it were our own home. This goes beyond simply installing a furnace or boiler; we want you to be comfortable at home and happy with your decision.


At A&H Mechanical Services, we know that exceptional service is only possible with skilled technicians. We make sure each of the technicians is skilled and familiar with the latest heating systems and technology. This ensures that our team can quickly diagnose problems, install heating systems, and make sure you get the best heating unit.


Nobody should have to wait around all day for a heating installation or repair. Our punctuality isn’t just limited to standard installations and appointments. You can also expect us to show up as quickly as possible when you call our 24/7 emergency line.

We Are Budget Friendly

We understand that everyone has a different budget. Unexpected problems with your heating system can lead to an expensive replacement or repair. Because of that, we communicate closely with our customers to find the best solution that reasonably fits within your budget.

Call A&H Mechanical Services For Your Heating Installation

Whether you are preemptively replacing your heating system or have an emergency, you can always reach out to us. Our 24/7 emergency is there for you whenever you need it. Otherwise, you can simply schedule an inspection or tune-up if you aren’t sure whether you’re due for a new heating installation.

We know how hard it can be to get through winter in New Jersey without a great furnace, heat pump, or boiler. That’s why we make ourselves as available as possible to answer your questions and help when you need it most. Call us at (973)-885-6133 for a consultation to schedule your heating installation in Morris County, NJ.