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Air Conditioning Service in Morris County

We all know how important a healthy air conditioner is throughout summer in New Jersey. Between the heat and humidity, it’s hard not to rely on your air conditioner in the Garden State. However, you can only trust your air conditioner to work as it should if you keep up with basic service and maintenance.

At A&H Mechanical Service, we focus just as much on tune-ups and basic service as repairs and installation. Our team uses years of experience and the best tools available to inspect, clean, and calibrate your AC and thermostat. Yearly tune-ups are essential to optimal air conditioning performance.

Attentive, skilled, and caring, we will service your air conditioner as if it’s our own we are taking care of. We are based in Morris County, and we love nothing more than to help our fellow community members. Call A&H Mechanical Services at (973)-885-6133 to schedule an air conditioning service appointment in Morris County. Our team can make sure your AC works as well as it can and stands the test of time.

Air Conditioning Service is a Preventative Measure

Air conditioning service is just as important to your comfort at home as an HVAC system is itself. While we are here for your needs when repairs are necessary, preventative measures are key to longevity.

Thorough Inspection

At A&H Mechanical Services, we know it’s not possible to provide a clean bill of health until we inspect your air conditioner. Air conditioners, vents, and ductwork take on lots of dust, debris, and dirt that can impact the whole system. Unfortunately, this debris and even pet hair is sneaky, and you can’t detect it without a thorough inspection.

That’s where we come in. By checking the ductwork, compressor, condenser, and evaporator coil, among other parts, we can understand your AC’s condition. Our team can inspect your AC’s key components and check to see if any specific type of maintenance is needed.

Hazard Protection

Hazard protection is the most important part of keeping your air conditioner healthy. During the inspection, our team will keep an eye on each component and clean it as needed. For example, it’s common for air conditioners to freeze up and stop working.

This is often due to a frozen evaporator coil, and we see it all the time. Oftentimes, that happens because the evaporator coil is dirty and clogged. Luckily, our team can catch a dirty evaporator coil upon inspection and clean it before it becomes a bigger problem if it’s not too late.

Preventative maintenance is everything when it comes to air conditioning service. By inspecting the drain line, evaporator coil, blower motor, and outdoor condenser unit, we can treat clogs before they require expensive maintenance.

Thermostat Calibration

At A&H Mechanical Services, we often respond to maintenance requests that appear to be major problems to the customer. While that may be the case sometimes, the problem may be as simple as a minor thermostat error. Our team has plenty of experience with this, and we can typically fix or calibrate your thermostat before it stops working.

Have you noticed your thermostat acting up after a year or two? That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken. Ideally, you should calibrate your thermostat once per year if it acts up. This isn’t always necessary for every thermostat, but our team will happily do it if yours is unpredictable.

Filter Replacement

During our inspection, we can determine whether you need a new filter or not. We recommend you replace your filter every 90 days, but it varies between homes and systems. You can wait longer for thicker 4” filters, but this may trigger your allergies.

Small, 1”-2” filters get dirty quickly, and we recommend you don’t wait longer than 30-90 days to replace them. That said, our team can replace the filter if we discover that it’s dirty and clogged. Going forward, we recommend you keep track of how often you replace the filter, so it never gets clogged. This will protect your air conditioner from straining itself, and it will help with your allergies.

Average Air Conditioning Service Cost

While it varies, the average cost of air conditioning service is $130-$160 or more. Standard tune-ups can cost up to $250 on the high end, but it ultimately depends on what is required. Tune-ups cost less than most AC repairs, and they’re necessary preventive measures that can save a fortune down the line.

Areas We Serve in Morris County

At A&H Mechanical Services, we call Morris County home. We are based in Boonton, NJ, and it’s one of many places we serve in Morris County. Our team can provide prompt and thorough air conditioning service all over Morris County. Reach out to A& Mechanical Services whether you’re in Denville, Boonton, Madison, Riverdale, or beyond.

Call A&H Mechanical Services for Your Air Conditioning Service in Morris County NJ

Punctual, thorough, skilled, and experienced, our team can catch problems with your AC before they become expensive. Air conditioning service is about tuning up your AC so that it will run as it should for the next year. We recommend yearly AC tune-ups to ensure smooth and consistent performance.

Our team can inspect and clean everything from the evaporator coil and condenser unit to your air ducts and drain line. By cleaning parts of your AC, we can prevent air duct and evaporator clogs that cause major problems. Our tune-ups are just as thorough and efficient as our Morris County AC installations.

We can also recalibrate your thermostat so it’s responsive, runs as it should, and doesn’t run up big energy bills. Call A&H Mechanical Services at (973)-885-6133 for air conditioning service in Morris County, NJ, and protect your HVAC system today.